Do you love snacks that are very sweet, sour, or very mouth-watering but you can not have it all because you are afraid that they will make you gain the weight?

The following are some snacks that I approve or rather is approved to be healthy-ish, tasty and can be eaten ALMOST any other day even when looking into weight loss.

Weight loss snacks
7 on the go weight loss snacks

7 snacks you should not sleep on if you are on a weight-loss journey

1. Cherries

100 grams of cherries, contains 50 calories. Now that is a fair deal. That means you could eat as much as you need and still be fit.

You can have it as a snack, you could also decide to have it as breakfast.

Top it up with some honey drizzles, which contains at least 60 calories per tablespoon.

Better still serve it with some dark chocolate.


2. Dark Chocolate

A chocolate with a 80% and above cacao content,would be a piece of snack that you would want to munch on if you are a chocolate lover.

The reason why this type of percentage is recommended, is because of its low sugar content. Which is what we want if we want to lose that extra weight. So next time you want to grab a chocolate, look into the percentage first.

3. Granola

This is another fantastic snack that can be prepared at home or bought. I opted for a bought non-sugary type and you have to make sure that the food label has low sodium & trans fat as well.

4. Smoothie bowl

These bowls are one of the most incredibly filling foods you can have as a snack. If you are struggling on how to build a smoothie bowl, check a step by step method on how to build a perfect smoothie bowl over here.

Cereal bowl
cereal bowl

5. Sugar free cookies

If you have been here long enough, you probably might want to correct me on this snack. For my new comers,there is an interesting post about 13 foods that are making you gain weight! and sugar free foods are among them.

To break it down in a clear manner, we as human beings, having minds that can be tricked into believing eating  unhealthy snacks that is labelled ‘healthy’, we always tend to over eat it, in comparison to when the food has not been labeled as a healthy option.

So a lot of individuals will tend to over feed on the sugar free foods, low carb food, gluten free and so on not knowing that even the ‘healthy’ can be unhealthy once you consume too much.

Basically what you want to do is make sure you are eating in moderation. This also doesn’t mean that you should consume them every now and then. Life is all about balance.


6.Muesli bar

Another healthy-ish option would be this. The reason why I went for this is because sometimes it could get boring indulging in one type of snack and we don’t want to get bored.

Remember that this is a lifestyle journey, we don’t want to fall off the wagon.

Always opt for a smaller pack to avoid too much indulging.

7. Coffee.

This should have been my first option. I love coffee way too much that I began developing stained teeth. If you are bothered about staining your teeth, you can go ahead and use a metal straw.

For zero calories go for iced black coffee, and for a latte, go for a sugar-free latte. I tried one of the sugar-free lattes and was not disappointed.


These are just some of the snacks that you could get on the go and as well prepare them at home.

For more weight loss tips and tricks just get in touch by joining the Family or email list below.

Happy snacking!

Healthy Snacks

23 thoughts on “Healthy Snacks

  1. Dark chocolate is a definite in my weight maintenance journey! I love Ghirardelli’s 60% cacao baking chips, I portion them out and keep them at the ready for a sweet pick-me-up. Pair 5 chips with a 1/2 T all natural, fresh-ground peanut butter, and it’s a healthy Reeses! 🙂

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  2. I love finding healthy snack ideas. It can be so difficult to find snacks on the go that fit in with certain lifestyles. I always try and prep in advance but it’s good to know you can find healthy snacks on the go too!

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