The Christmas season is finally with us again and this time around we want to celebrate it right! For my individuals who don’t want to gain weight, I have got you sorted with 20 easy and reliable ways to keep your weight loss progress in check!

Christmas weight loss tips
20 ways to avoid weight gain this festive season

20 ways to stay fit during the Christmas holiday

In order to tackle all the areas of weight loss, these tips are divided into what to do in terms of food and physical activity.

Food & drinks

Portion out your sugary foods

There is no Christmas spirit without some sweets, chocolates,cakes, pies and pancakes. At least not for the majority of individuals.

Therefore if we cannot avoid it, we can as well portion it out. This way, we get to solve our cravings and still make progress in our weightloss.

Another common option is to swap processed sugary foods with healthy sugary foods. For example, instead of having cake, you can have a tasty banana bread. Learn how to make healthy pastries here!

Drink water on a regular

Drinking water at least 30 mins before a meal will not only help you in controlling your food portion but also will keep you satiated for longer.

Having at least a gallon of water everyday, helps clean your entire system, acting as a detox for that particular day.

Fill your plate with more greens & less of the rest

“Greens, oh no!” , some of you might say, but typically greens help you get fuller quickly, compared to carbs & proteins. If you are looking into weight loss am pretty sure you are familiar with being in a caloric deficit.

To be in a caloric deficit you need to eat less than your daily energy expenditure. Here is where greens come in to save the day.

If you are looking to gain muscle and lose fat, here is a typical food sample you should try out!

Healthy Christmas food
Healthy Christmas food to help gain muscle & lose fat

Swap vegetable oil for extra virgin oil

Vegetable oil compared to, extra virgin oil, turns out to be refined and overly processed.

We are trying everything possible to make sure we reduce overly processed foods and liquids during this season. For more information on healthy oils to use, read here.

Swap salad dressing for olive oil & spices

Having a salad is one thing and adding extra sauces on top of it is another.

It is important to know that as good looking and tasty as sauces may appear, they are not best of friends with weight loss. They contain harmful stabilizers, sugars and saturated fats. This destroys your progress. Check out here on why sauces are not your friend.

Swap beer & alcohol, for some red wine or sparkling water

Another Critical information is liquid calories. You need to be careful because they carry more calories than you think.

Water is good. It contains zero calories. The same applies for sparkling water which brings in a little bit of fun. If you need more fun then red wine will do the job. It is has health benefits that you don’t want to miss!

Weight loss drinks
Swap alcohol for wine,diet sodas or sparkling water

Roast instead of frying

A good option to reduce oil intake is to roast instead of fry.

We are already aware that too much of any cooking oil is harmful to weight loss. Therefore we use all means possible to avoid too much of it.

Eat at least two hours before bed

Before going to bed, make sure you are not feeling too full or stuffed up with food in your stomach. This is to ensure that food has digested fully.

Eating 2hrs before sleeping will save you a great deal from bloating, being uneasy and  lack of good sleep.

Drink more tea

Tea for weight loss
Tea for calming your nerves

Why tea? Tea helps detox at the end of the day just like water. It helps calm the nerves, which helps in weight loss. On the other hand stress being the greatest enemy so far to weight loss. So have some tea!

Be creative with your food.

Try to have a healthy version of the unhealthy foods and save yourself the guilty conscious. There is no problem in eating foods you enjoy that is not healthy. But if you must eat it, eat it in moderation.

Healthy creative Christmas food
Creative food ideas


Take a walk with family & friends for at least 30mins

The essence of taking a walk would be to have some type of movement to burn off those extra calories. And what better way to do it than with family and friends.

Solo jogs are also one of a kind to help you through to put in the extra work for that extra burn. So you’re spoilt for choice.

Engage in games with lots of body movement

Have indoor or outdoor games as a family. Again this is to put in the body movement which is necessary when one isn’t as active as per usual.

Engage in a type of Intermittent Fasting ratio

If you are familiar with this type of eating then you know what you are in for. A big glass of consistent weightloss. To learn the different types of Intermittent Fasting ratios, visit here!

Go for a road trip with several stops.

Road trips can be fun and rosy, but while at it remember that you can have stops to engage into some type of activity like stretching, a brisk walk or even hiking if you wish. This will help you enjoy more time while keeping fit.

Stand often as possible in parties

With the season,comes parties which involves a lot of sitting down and laying around. The best option would be standing while chatting, walk around and discover new people while burning fat. I guarantee that you will burn more than 100 calories by doing that.

Old school classic swim

It is a cold season, yes! But did you know that when your body is cold, it has to work as hard as possible to keep you warm and that requires burning of calories. So when next you shun cold water, remember it burns calories faster.

Also, swimming is a full body workout. So this is a plus. A classic swim can be done by friends in a river or better yet a modern swimming pool. You are spoilt for choice.

Go for a fun race

Races can be good and fun especially if cash prices are involved. It creates a type of motivation with unconscious working out because your mind is focussed on winning.


If you are strong enough, workout for at least 10 to 15 mins. Dedicate sometimes once a day to get to your desired body goal.

House chores

By just doing the dishes,Mopping the floor,putting a few things together, you can burn calories more than going for a jog or a walk.

Record your meals

Having a meal tracker will help you identify and control the amount of food you are indulging in for the day or the week. Therefore if you track, you are in control.

Have a lovely Christmas ahead!

Christmas weight loss management
Easy weight management

20 Reliable ways not to gain weight over Christmas

6 thoughts on “20 Reliable ways not to gain weight over Christmas

  1. I know it can sound boring for some but I skip alcohol! No beer, no wine, I don’t “drink” my calories… Just water and tea for me. The most difficult part is definitely to limit food portions though! 🙂 Good advice to encourage people to keep moving, Christmas is often the time when people just vegetate on the sofa after a huge meal… before eating again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes dear. I really admire the fact that you don’t take alcohol. And its a huge inspiration to people out here who want to stop or slow down. And Christmas surely makes us just lie around and just be lazy in general. Because we just want to relax all day and have a good time

      Liked by 1 person

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