Diani Beach Kenya

Diani Beach is located in the  South Coast area of Ukunda district ,Kenya. A sandy beach by the Indian Ocean that will leave you craving for more and more of what it has to offer.

The people in Diani are Kenyans. Since Diani is the world’s leading African destination, you will find more tourists than there is local people.

The main languages of the local people would be Swahili & English, but for individuals working in restaurants and touristic areas have specialized in speaking various languages such as German and Italian.

So, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to languages.

A common trait with the Diani individuals is their friendliness. They are welcoming, willing to help with showing you around, assertive, e.t.c

What can I do in Diani Beach area?

Every day is an adventure in Diani. But with the heat and humidity, there can be some limitations to individuals according to your preference. Some of the adventures that can be done by all is as follows:

1. Morning/Evening workout

I love me some good morning or evening workout, just to make sure that I am active through out the day.

To get you started, get a drink by the beach, since there are lots of hotels/restaurants by the oceanside, grab some earphones and start working out along the shores.


If you are interested in a healthy drink, unripe coconut water A.K.A “Madafu’, will be a good jumpstart for your morning/evening work out.

2. Watching the sunrise.

At around 5.30 to 6.30 am you can catch the sunrise and take as many pictures as possible for memories.

You can also take brisk walks and just enjoy the freshness around.

Taking a brisk walk by the Kongo river beach

3. Camel riding.

If you have ever wondered or desired how to ride on a camel, then this is the place for you. You no longer have to visit a desert or a dry area. Just treat yourself to Diani beach area for this fantastic experience.

Diani beach camel riding

4. Snorkeling

Just like scuba diving, but in a more fun and recreational way. This is the most colourful adventure you could ever do as a new person in diani.

You can pay for a boat to take you to where you can start snorkeling and they can guide you on how to wear the costumes necessary for snorkeling and enjoy a fun filed swim.

While snorkeling you will find amazing creatures and you might wonder if these creatures really do exist.

Star Fish in mid- Diani Beach

5. Kitesurfing

If you are a lover of new experiences, a go-getter and a darer, I challenge you to do this while you get to Diani beach. Kite surfing is available via hotels that is accessible to all.

Because of its nature, kitesurfing is under high supervision by instructors who are also professionals in this type of art.

Kite surfing by diani beach

6. Chill by the beach.

Sometimes it can be very tiring to go on an adventure every single day, due to the heat which can run up to 37 degrees Celsius but not to worry.

Kongo river beach side.

There are hotels such as Flamboyant, Amigos, Diani Marine and so much more restaurants/hotels along the same area that can offer full services which includes bed& breakfast or just visit the hotel to have a meal or a drink as you relax and unwind.

A chance to chill by the beach.

7. Wildlife

Not far from Diani,is a wildlife park: Borabora Wildlife park that has zebra, giraffe and so much to offer. The national wildlife park is located in the village areas of Diani but you will not raise a muscle to locate it.

Zebra in Borabora wildlife park.
Giraffe in Borabora wildlife park.

8. Historical sites.

Alibaba Cafe & Restaurant is a historical site that combines itself with an exquisite high-class restaurant.

This cave was naturally formed and the people around decided for the cave to be free of charge to tour.

A restaurant & bar is located at the basement of the cave. Pictures don’t do this place any justice but this is a place you don’t wanna oops! yourself that you missed to tour.

Alibaba cave& restaurant

9. The Kongo River

The Kingo river in Diani is what we call geography that we learnt in high school. The fun fact about rivers is that they drain their water into the ocean and that is the exact same thing that this river does to the Indian ocean.

It is a seasonal river and it has got mangrove trees surrounding it, which is also home for the green snakes.

Part of Kongo river on the left that drains into the Indian ocean.

10. Marine Education park

Located in The Sands at the Nomad hotel. This is an educational area on sea turtles and how to save them.

Souveniers at Marine Educational center in the Nomad at the sands hotel

Where can I stay in Diani?

Where to stay in Diani

When coming to Diani I was overwhelmed on what hotel to reside in, because after every 500m to 1km there is a hotel. And all of them are worth the penny.

To avoid this I have got you covered with a list of hotels that will give you an experience of a lifetime;

These hotels are located next to the beach and have an ocean view from the rooms, if not a 500m walking distance to  the white sandy beach.

  • Flamboyant: For those who are in with a family and wouldn’t like any unpleasant environment for kids.
  • Alibaba cave Resturant: This is a restaurant based in a cave that will give you a new experience that you haven’t had before.
  • Nomad at the sands beach bar hotel& Resturant: If you are in for a business trip and would also want to have some top notch privacy including that of the beach, then this hotel is for you. It speaks professionalism from the gate to the rooms.
  • Diani Marine *5 PADI DIVING CENTER & ACCOMODATION. This is an accommodation center but also a place where you learn how to scuba dive. It is for those who need to learn about marine biology and how to dive.
  • Diani Stilts Backpackers. Anyone like nature? This is the home of wild animals such as the lemurs aka ‘bush baby’ also well known as King Julien of Madagascar. Monkeys, some green snakes which are very rare to find are also available. This is not attached with a beach or swimming pool but if you walk 500m from the place you can get access to the sandy beach.
  • Diani backpackers. If you are a party pooper, and drinking with friends and going crazy is your thing lol. Then this is your place. It’s not conducive for family as a lot of alcohol and partying is involved. It has a swimming pool but the diani beach is not attached to it.

Booking.com is one among many sites to book these hotels at a fair price range. Or better still you can call the direct line as per the hotel’s website and you can be lucky to get cheaper rates than the online agents. So again you are spoilt for choice.

How can I get to Diani?

1. Airways.

The easiest way to get to Diani is by plane.

You can either take a plane from any country to Moi International Airport Mombasa and from there, take a local flight to Ukunda Airstrip in Diani.

If you are adventurous, after landing in Moi International airport, you can take an Uber or rent a car and drive to the Kenya Ferry, so as to get to the other side of the South coast which is now the Ukunda district, Diani beach.

You can also skip the hustle by booking a direct flight to Ukunda, Diani beach, from any part of the world

Looking for affordable flights? I got you covered. Be it you are coming from Europe, Asia, United States or even Africa, you can get your affordable flights all year round OVER HERE!

2. Railways.

Kenya has a railway system well known as the SGR that can be accessed from the capital, Nairobi Kenya and other areas along Nairobi that could connect you to the main Mombasa Terminal SGR.

Book your ticket today and start travelling on any day that you wish.

3. Road

Need a road trip with the girls or with your family? Not forgetting the guys too… Then this will be an absolute life-changing adventure for you. With the help of Google maps you can find your way to Mombasa.

On reaching Mombasa, you need to access the Kenya Ferry Services that will help you cross to the other side which is now Ukunda district, Diani. Head on to Diani Beach Road where you will access all types of hotels and fun activities that will leave you no choice but to spend more time with your loved ones over there!


Some of the basics you will find in this serene place would be:

  1. The Diani shopping center: Here you will find Chandarana foodplus supermarket, Fruit vendor, artistic attire’s and paintings, a pharmacy that also offers COVID 19 test for less than 48hrs, a flight agent, and various cafes such as the Havana Bar and resturant which offers affordable food compared to restaurants attached to hotels.
  2. The Diani Beach Hospital is a general hospital with well-trained doctors and nurses. Very clean and does it job
  3. Wi-fi is also available in your hotels and restaurants that you decide to have your meal, so if you need to check up on your business and related stuff, you don’t have to worry.
  4. Swimming pool is offered in hotels as well. In fact majority of the hotels have their own pools.
  5. Airbnbs: If you are not interested in staying at a hotel, the airbnb system is also available in plenty. Maybe you need to have your privacy and cook for yourself or family, then you are set for this trip.
  6. Transport. Uber and bolt are one of the common means of transport recognized worldwide, and it can also be used in Diani. But this is not the cheaper way. If you need to move from one place to another affordably, there are tricycles also known as ‘tuk-tuks’ that move around almost every second around the above-mentioned hotels. They only charge 1dollar per trip.
  7. Rental cars: There are companies that offer this type of service and their phone numbers are available by the shopping center.
  8. Fitness studio: There are a number of fitness studios just a few km from the shopping centre and some hotels also come with the gym offer in it.
  9. Massage parlour: They are located by the hotels and also by different shopping centres you find along the Diani Beach Road.
  10. Salons and barbershops are also found opposite the shopping centre.

Book a holiday in Diani today! You will not regret it!


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Diani Beach Life in Kenya

29 thoughts on “Diani Beach Life in Kenya

  1. I’ve been reading up on travel in Kenya as I want to take a family trip there. I love the idea of camel rides on the beach! I never would have even thought of that but it makes sense since we do horseback rides here in the US!

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    • This is so lovely to hear that you consider Kenya as a place to take a family vacation. I am humbled. Usually the best time for vacations would be the first quarter of the year or the mid-year. You are so welcome dear.


  2. We have not yet been to Kenya but it is one of our dream destinations. Diani beach looks like the kind of vacation we need right now, we love that you can dive over there and that you’re surrounded by wildlife. We will definitely add this to our list for Kenya. Thanks!

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  3. Wow, I love everything about the Diani beach, especially that there is a preserve where people can get educated about saving turtles, because it is a cause I’m passionate about. I sincerely hope I’m able to visit one day soon.

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