An updated version of what should be in your gym bag in 2021 is finally out.

What’s in my gym bag? 2021 gym bag essentials

With the recent outbreak of the Corona virus, there are more safety and precautions we need to take as we go to the gym.

Here are some essentials that you don’t want to miss while carrying your fav gym bag to your fav gym this season.

1. Mask

Now, I know of gyms that are okay with working out without a mask and to be honest, I agree that working out with a mask can be the MOST uncomfortable way to work out.

With all the sweat and humidity in the mask it can be almost impossible to breath, no matter how breathable the mask is.

While gyms rules and regulations differ,don’t hesitate to carry a mask at all times. So whatever the case is, carrying a mask in your gym bag would be the number one essential this season!

Masks are an essential to the gym for emergency purposes

2. Sanitizer & Hand cream

Well this is not coming in as a surprise to many. With or without the corona virus, a sanitizer has always been essential when it comes to the gym.

A good anti-bacterial sanitizer will help with the germs laying around on the equipment. After a session with a machine it would be great if you sanitized. And thereafter a hand cream if your hands get dry easily.

While this can be a good precaution, it can also be very tiring and who wants to be sanitized after every work out?

Instead you could sanitize after working out for the day or better still wash your hands and avoid touching your face during your workout. You are spoilt for choice.

3. Pre-workout

While pre-workouts can be messy sometimes it’s better to carry a bottle of it in your bag just in case you need to charge up before a workout.

Gym pre workout

4. Coffee

Yes, coffee. If you are doing Intermittent Fasting and you are looking for a zero calorie pre-workout then coffee is your best friend.

It helps curb your appetite and lower hunger levels. The only disadvantage is it causes dehydration and therefore you would need to fuel yourself with water afterwards.

Coffee for weightloss

5. Water

An essential for everyone. My advice would be to take water after your workout or 30 mins before to avoid drinking it during the work out as it would bring stomach pains especially during cardio.

Water for gym essentials

6. Cap

I like to spice up my workout outfit with a cap. It makes me feel motivated in one way or another. In fact when I wear a cap and a good workout outfit it makes me feel like a champ and I work out better at this point.

Not everybody is a fan of the cap because with the heat and sweat it can be more of a nuisance than a feel-good motivation.

Gym cap for gym essentials

7. Headphones/earphones

Music, music, music. I can’t emphasize this enough. Having a good noise cancellation earphones can help with working out to the maximum.

Grab a pair and never miss this device in your bag at any given point.

Earphones& headphones for gym bag essentials

8. Protein bar

After a strength training work out you are required to put in a good amount of protein for those muscles.

A protein bar would be good since you can just pop it in the mouth and your protein intake for the day is a done deal.

Protein bar for gym bag essential

9. Bath essentials.

After a long workout, I love to pop into a hot shower and scrub myself with beautiful scents of shower gels and bath creams.

Pack a few but a good amount of bath essentials that would fit in your bag for that smell-good day.

Bath and body essentials for gym bag

10. Scents

After a great shower, I like to apply deodorant, body mist, perfume and a good lotion. Just to start my day great and feeling fresh.

Everyone likes to smell good which in turn makes them feel nice.

Scents for gym bag essentials

11. Extra pair of clothes.

As obvious as this can be, you need to get yourself a fresh pair of clothes that you could change after your shower, without leaving out a pair of shoes that can be flexible in carrying.

12. Towels.

A face towel for the gym while working out could help in preventing you from touching your face with dirty hands.

A bath towel would be a plus for when you get out of a shower and need that squeaky clean feeling.

13. Face essentials.

The truth about the Gym & Skincare is a MUST READ if you are having acne problem and your face just never seems to respond while in the gym.

Knowing the right products to use for your face would be a plus but carrying it to the gym would be a bonus. This is because after the gym you get to wash your face and get rid of the build-up from sweating, reducing your chances of getting acne.

Face essentials for gym bag

14. Sandals

Get those sandals for when you need to hit the bath or when your shoes have disappointed you by bringing blisters due to heat. I have had a problem where too much heat in my shoes attracted painful blisters.

Sandals for gym bag essentials

15. Protein shake.

Just like the protein bar, protein shake helps you get that amount of protein that you need after a workout. If you are not a fan of bars, get a shake.

Protein shake for gym essentials.

16. On the go healthy snacks.

Guilt-free snacks can be a good essential for your bag but not necessary. If you get hungry after a workout, I would suggest checking out these healthy protein snack ideas for when the hunger kicks in.

Healthy gym snacks

17. Wet wipes

Anti-bacterial wet wipes can be good for your electronic devices after working out.

While at the gym, your electronic devices are kept from surfaces to surfaces as you move and it would be great if you cleaned them after visiting the gym for that bacteria-free assurance on your devices.

18. Gloves.

Gym gloves are the way to go if you want to hurt less while lifting. Grab yourself a good thick pair and never miss using it while strength training.

Gym gloves for gym bag essential
18 gym essentials in 2021

Remember the version of yourself is unique. Smash your goals this 2021.

What is in my gym bag? 18 Gym bag essentials for 2021.

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